ChaDao UK 工夫茶

ChaDao, the way of tea, is practised to foster harmony in humanity, promote harmony with nature, discipline the mind, quiet the heart, and attain the purity of enlightenment.  Since Tea and Buddhism first met thousands of years ago it has joined its rituals and practices.  A Tea Lama, Lama Cha or a Blue Tea Monk or Nun was a position held in regard in both Daoist and Buddhist monasteries. Later as the Buddhist teachings spread out across Asia the tea cultures followed too, with Tea Masters becoming messengers of friendship and news between the different schools of philosophy.

Today ChaDao Buddhism is something of a curiosity, although tea ceremonies are famous from Japan, China and Taiwan, Tea Monks are mostly consigned to historical records, with only a handful of Tea Schools left in the world.

Today, with the council of Tea lama’s (Teachers of Tea), now again becoming recognised by monasteries and with modern communications GongFu Ceremonies are returning to Buddhism and the wider world as a way of celebrating how simple acts can unite people through friendship and enlightenment.