ChaDao UK, Welcome

ChaDao, the way of tea, is practised to foster harmony in humanity, promote harmony with nature, discipline the mind, quiet the heart, and attain the purity of enlightenment. 

We aim to bring people together to form friendships as a way of resolving conflict and achieving peace. We work with, and welcome people from all backgrounds and all areas of th community. One of our principle tenants is inclusive thought.

ChaDao is one of only a handful of Tea Schools left in the world. We practice our thought and art to bring happiness and form friendships where we can.

We focus on GongFu Cha Ceremonies, returning to Buddhism and the wider world as a way of celebrating how simple acts can unite people through friendship and enlightenment.

You can find out more about us from the menu on this website or you can support our work by purchasing products from our Ethical TeaShop.

HH The 14th Dalai Lama is one of many people whom have experienced our ChaDao knowledge and tea ceremonies. We welcome invites to share this experience.