ChaDao Teachings

For centuries the Blue or Black Robed Masters of Tea acted as messengers between monasteries across all of north and South Asia. Across different Buddhist schools, different faiths and different cultures. Still world famous are the Japanese Tea Masters from the ChaDou schools in Japan and also the growing appreciation for GongFu tea ceremonies held in Taiwan.

Our Tea Masters and Tea Lamas take this tradition and move it on a little, working with the 13 recognised linage tea Masters from all traditions of Buddhism we teach our students and visitors in tea and hot drink cultures from around the world.  Focusing on GongFu Ceremonies as our core we expand our to reach to Russian Tea Debates, Kenyan Spiced Chai, Indian street tea ceremonies, Nepal and Tibetan Yak Teas and every other way of celebrating people coming together to share the simple act of drinking tea. -Even the British Tea Ceremonies!

As followers of the Buddha Dharma we invite members of the Sangha (the community of monks, nuns and Lamas) from Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana traditions. These people teach the Dharma (Buddhist teachings) directly while our own Tea Lamas and Tea Masters teach tea, discuss compassion & karma, and lead interfaith dialogues.