Volunteer Council

The following people have graciously and thankfully volunteered to work with us in the development of this exciting project.

Management Council

Founder & Teacher: Lama Cha, Master, (Tenzin) Tony Malone

Inter-philosophy Dharma Advisor: Matthew (Troll) Percival

Treasurer: TBA

Public Engagement: TBA

International Advisor: TBA


Ethical Council

Co-Chair: Cathleen Liu

Co-Chair: Vic Leon-Cutler


Non-appointed council members

Dawn Sheppard

Julie Newman

David Wraight


Advisory Panel

Advisor for Vajrayana Buddhism

Advisor for Theravada Buddhism

Advisor for Mahayana Buddhism

Advisor for Zen Buddhism

Advisor for Western Buddhist Schools

Advisor for KungFu

Advisor for ChaDao

Advisor for Local Engagement

Advisor for Daoist Philosophy 

Advisor for Disabled People’s Inclusion