Lama Cha, Master of Tea

Cha Lama or Master of Tea, Venerable, Tony (Tenzin) Malone trained in the way of tea over 15 years ago, starting in Indian black teas and master blending he has worked with Tea Plantations across the world on exploring tea blending and teaching tea cultures. He has many national and International awards for his tea blends and tea making.


Born in London, 1979, he has studied art for most of his life focusing on watercolour using a particular hybrid of Japanese and British styles. In 2002 he started his training in tea and Buddhist studies under Chai Lama Venerable Tai-Yun Gyatso Rinpoche , one of the world’s most respected Tea Masters before his passing in 2017. Tai was a great influence on Tony, who was given the name Tenzin by his Sangha in Nepal and Darjeeling at the request of his Tai-Yun.


Recognised in 2013 as a Tulku of the Blue Robe Order of Buddhism he is 7th in the teaching linage, and in 2014 was appointed to the World Council of Tea Masters as a High Lama with responsibility for inclusion and diversity within teachings and communities.

He has taught on tea cultures and tea production around the world, blending his knowledge of mindfulness and GongFu Cha based ceremonies.  He has made tea for members of the Royal Family, visiting dignitaries and celebrities as well as thousands of young people around the world through his links to the World Scouting Movement.


Although a Lama (which means Teacher) Tony is a practitioner of compassionate philosophy. He is recognised and respected by members of the Buddhist communities for his work in brining people together to form friendships and resolve conflict.


A life long human rights campaigner, he has helped develop projects and charities supporting all areas of the community, as an artist and as a sought after inclusion and diversity consultant. This work has lead him to working with governments, companies, charities, and many tv and radio interviews about inclusion.


As the current head of the Blue School of Tea Monks and Nuns he is still teaching on a daily basis and has students of tea around the world learning tea, mindfulness and compassion.


In his retreat times, He produces watercolour paintings to raise funds for ChaDao U.K. and also continues to volunteer with the scouts.