Joining us for teachings

We welcome anyone, from any background, faith or no-faith and ability to join our teaching sessions and learn techniques to enhance their lives and the lives of others. We never charge for Teachings, but do accept a donation in return if it is possible.

If you want to formally join us, for training to be a Tea Master or Lama Cha then a more formal diacusssion is required and training can be agreed upon. Again there is no fees for this but we request assistance and time in the running of our events and organisation.

As a Cha Lama, Tenzin has at present around 40 students in the U.K., Nepal, India, Taiwan and the USA.  These are from a variety of Buddhist backgrounds and their prime teachings are of ChaDao.

Please do look at our events page to join a group or session or use the contact details page for more information.

One to one meetings, blessings and teachings from the Cha Lama are sometimes available but  depending on availablity may be a waiting list.