ChaDao London

A global centre to foster inclusive thought 

We are looking to create something truly unique. Something wonderful and something that benefits not only us but we hope offers a positive for everyone living or working around it.  A true centre for discussion, of peace, a space for practicing of the Buddhist philosophy while welcoming and encouraging dialogue with all faiths and non-faith.

Buddhism is a small but growing philosophical faith in the U.K. with small centres across the country. Our aim is to develop this centre to serve as a way of engaging people of all ages to discuss and learn about other faiths and cultural ideas.

Outside of Japan, Korea and China there is no other schools of ChaDao, this centre will serve as both a centre of interest in the west and also a global point to explore and discuss inclusive thought.

Centre plan

At these early stages we maybe renovating an old space or building a new construction, but our needs remain the same. Below is an outline of the key areas we hope to meet in our centre. 

Main multifunctional faith space.

A large open hall with shrine space which serves as our main focus. A space used for group meditations, public displays of ceremonies, KungFu and GongFu classes, meetings and functions.

Smaller multifunctional spaces.              

Smaller more quiet and focused spaces for group teaching or for private ceremonies to be held.

A space for discovering.

We have a large number of tea artefacts and historical examples from the past. From handpainted Russian Tea Samovars to Chillean Drinking Cups and a wide variety of Asian tea equipment. A space for viewing of this allows us to connect with that past and discover new ideas.

Art Space.

A gallery containing works old and new exploring the ideas of inclusion, Buddhism, tea and our local area. 

Tea space.

A tea blending room, somewhere our special teas can be tested, blended, produced and stored to modern food safety standards.

Store Space.

A small ethical shop which helps fund the centre including our own label tea range, tea equipment, books and other items relating to Buddhism.

Café Space.

A high quality vegetarian café on site offering light meals and tea (even coffee) again to assist in finding the centre. 

Office Space.

Space to administer the centre and our outreach programmes including small office areas and meeting rooms.

Accommodation Spaces.

For visiting monks, nuns or guests a space to offer private space for a few nights within the centre. 


Our building should inspire, creativity at every opportunity and be a point of beauty and pride in the local area.


We have built in from the onset that access to all for all is at the heart of our plan. We hope to become a centre of excellence and example for accessible spaces and attitudes.


Beyond being accessible we want to be inclusive and welcoming. This means at every stage and everyday we look for an opportunity to enhance, learn, maintain or develop our minds, work space, visitor space or area to be welcoming, friendly and inclusive for all.