About us

For Lu Yu, the first person to record tea cultures within Buddhism, tea symbolised the harmony and the mysterious continuities of the universe. Whether Buddhist, Daoist, or Confucian: to see in the particular an expression of the joy of the universe.

Nearly two thousand years later we are aiming to create opportunities for this for people of all faiths or of no-faith and from all backgrounds.

ChaDao is partly a TeaShop, with ethical single estate teas selected by our TeaMasters and unique and exciting blends of tea which have been hand blended by us. The profits from this raise money to help establish the London ChaDao Centre and  fund our outreach projects.

Our aim is for the establishment of a centre in London to help engage with people of any background to find a safe space to think and consider ethical, spiritual or personal questions. This space would hopefully also have rooms for meditation, private conversation, tea ceremonies, a small museum and also guest rooms for visiting monks or guest speakers from around the world.

As an open space it would allow dialogue between the different cultures and faiths as well as serving as a centre for inclusion studies and discussion.

It would offer classes and courses for those who wish to continue their practice of mindfulness and enlightenment as well as classes in physical aspects of Buddhism such as KungFu, TaiChi, or GongFu.

Since 2015 this project has already proven its worth by sparking the interest of thousands of young people from the Scouts whom have attended regularly held Tea Ceremonies or inclusive faith discussions in the U.K. and Internationally.

This link is one of many of the organisations whom have kindly engaged with this project, others include: Shaolin Monasteries, The office of HH The Dalai Lama, the Geatsu School of Tea, Tiger Hill Tea, and many other monasteries on India and Nepal.

As a Community Interest Company you can support us by donating time, funds or services, purchasing our Tea Range or merchandise or simply by spreading word of our work.

We also welcome corporate or individual collaboration for training, tea ceremonies and sponsorship.